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All of our shoes are Goodyear welted. Goodyear Welt construction is one of the oldest, most traditional shoe crafting techniques. This method of stitching the soles to the uppers with a welt is durable, breathable, and inherently sustainable as it also allows the shoe to be dismantled, repaired and resoled and ultimately last you a lifetime.

We believe in producing ethical, timeless, high quality shoes that prioritize craftsmanship, materials and construction over trend, and in turn reduce landfill waste and fast fashion consumption. All of our shoes are handmade using the finest Italian leathers and textiles that are hand selected to ensure premium quality. We know exactly where our leather comes from and we have personal relationships with all of our Italian leather suppliers to ensure that the leather we use is a by-product of the meat industry and mildly tanned or vegetable tanned in strict compliance with environmentally-friendly regulations.

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