My philosophy for sustainability is a bit different from most people— I utilize “less is more” type of concept — selling only to the small business, responsible high-end boutiques in the US, and selling directly to the consumer, allowing the customer to select their own product, size, color (ie. “special orders”). I try to keep low carbon imprint on the environment and society by keeping the work in the USA at a family-owned manufacturing with small-batch, high-quality model, and also using mostly natural materials that are also made in small quantity mills.

SCHAI brand stands for quality that lasts for decades along with timeless yet current (not trendy) designs & details, which reduce the practice of quick-fix/ fast-fashion consumerism in the long run. Many of my customers realize how “worth it” is to invest in something of a quality and versatility, which helps her not having to buy new things every season. Even if you get 100% organic cotton products, it takes hundreds of gallons of water to make one organic T shirt, which isn’t really that sustainable if you really think about it. Regardless of what it is, everything done in a smaller way will reduce our carbon imprint. And a good design and great quality should last forever. In the world of excess and easy accessibility, SCHAI’s philosophy and strategy is to design and produce purposefully, in a smaller, thoughtful ways that will make lasting impression and lasting wardrobe choice in the customer’s lifestyle (and the generations after).

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FashionJo Magliocco