Jujumade is based in LA, most of our pieces are hand sculpted and assembled in our own studio. We work with small production sewers in LA to make our hats and bags, but we always finish (attached ceramic parts and handles) in our studio before they are shipped out.

Ceramics are typically stationary and utilitarian, jujumade breaks away from this mould and transforms ceramics into wearable pieces that is both sculptural and playful. Pieces can be worn in multiple ways, allowing the owner to experiment and find their own look.

Ceramics has always been one of the main materials we work, unfired clay can always be remixed and used again. Our first collection of ceramic feet on our bags and tiny earrings were all created from leftover clay at our ceramic studio. I didn't want to waste the trimmed bits of clay so I decide to cut them into little shapes for our earrings, and the bigger chunks got wedged into little disc for our bag feet. I love the idea of mixing different mediums and using them in unconventional ways. That is something we continue to explore each season!

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