Jenni Kayne

At Jenni Kayne, we are so proud to be a company lead by and made up of innovative women with an interest in living well, and leaving each place better than we found it. Sustainability is extremely important to us as a brand, and we are on a mission to eliminate waste both in our stores and manufacturing.

We've recently implemented a new store model in several of our locations, our Jenni Kayne showrooms. In our showroom locations, all merchandise you see is a sample, and sales associates assist customers in placing orders for their selections, making our showrooms paperless environments. Under this model, we are able to keep one centralized inventory which enables us to produce goods in quantities based on amounts we typically sell per season instead of quantities needed to stock stores, thus eliminating excess product at the end of the season. We are still in the early stages of this store model but hope to be able to apply it to more locations in the future, further reducing our environmental impact."

-Lauren Holmes, Director of Retail

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